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  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down5.66%
Bitcoin Cash = 388.600000EUR
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down3.11%
DASH = 169.107000EUR
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down4.62%
Ethereum = 188.25000EUR
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down3.69%
Litecoin = 48.32000EUR
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down0.64%
Bitcoin = 5516.50000EUR
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down5.36%
Bitcoin Cash = 0.070703 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down0.62%
Peercoin = 0.000162 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down3.31%
Litecoin = 0.00875 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down4.13%
Ethereum = 0.034107 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down0.0%
Dogecoin = 0.000000881 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down2.41%
DASH = 0.030661 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down0.0%
Gamecredits = 0.000026 BTC
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down1.0%
Bitcoin Cash = 2.071511 ETH
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down0.39%
Litecoin = 0.257 ETH
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down-3.37%
Dogecoin = 0.0000258 ETH
  • bitcoinchangepostcoin
  • down-1.7%
DASH = 0.898854 ETH


  • all payments are accepted
    CoinHitex will soon accepts all payment methods, including debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, SEPA, SWIFT, and Cryptocurrency. It will be instant and easy for you.
  • security is no doubt best
    We are well-approved of the security. We have DDoS attack protection and our data is fully encrypted. Adding to this, we are implemented methods for high standards of security.
  • registered with proper license
    CoinHitex is in the process of getting license to perform registered exchange activities and to have all essential licenses for crypto trading and get you complete access.
  • facilities of cross-platform trading
    Coinhitex has facilities of cross- platform trading. You can trade via internet anywhere anytime through mobile apps or website and REST API.
  • world coverage for better trading opportunities
    We have global coverage which includes almost all countries small, medium and expert traders. We approximately provide services to 99% countries.
  • better reporting status and transparency
    To keep traders clear about their transactions, Coinhitex provides a history of the transaction, shows real-time balances and allows to download and print reports.
  • Currently around the globe with the dawn of cryptocurrencies, every person now wants to invest and earn good profits by building his portfolio, but amidst the plenty of buyers, who genuinely want to invest money in cryptocurrency, security is the biggest concern. Well, not with us as Hitech coin exchange will not only Guard your wallets but also, we get you inside facts of every asset you will add to your portfolio.
  • We are committed to provide all investors with a safe, secure and easy platform to earn in cryptocurrencies and do regular transactions with daily predictions of crypto market trends. The analysis and the performance graph of the cryptocurrencies will be shown with the help of candlesticks. We will offer our users- Secure trading, Quality customer support, Easy interface, low fee and Plethora of currency options.